The worldwide economy is now at the sixth year of stagnation, and 2017 forecast sees a continuation of this pattern. Anticipated costs may give a hint of tailwind to a positive outlook at the end of 2017, but the medium term trend keeps on being pulled down by weaker entity, economy, key resources, ventures and supplies. This slowdown promotes inactivity brought by sit back among corporations and countries. Organizations (and people) need to get ready for more disruptions from geopolitical strains, market instability, unrest, and changes in technology and innovation – typical characteristics in time of stagnation. The surprising results of this year’s political polls and elections create a pattern of a backwards moving or time-reversal trend. Some even blatantly remarks that the world (read: planet earth) is now re-entering the dark ages era. The world will reshape itself, but the outcome will be, unexpectedly, different than the goal. Energy as currency will be much more valuable than ever, resulting in a peak of transactional interests and quantum setups, but will see a major decrease in straight-forward intent practices. While it can look like the very safe, short-term, option is to jump bandwagon to the most powerful, and perhaps wealthiest clique, the wisest action is to negate negativity that can offset the planet’s balance and alignment. As the saying goes, there are more to than meets the eye.

Source: Savvy-Women